Eibach's-Front assembly
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Modification How Too's

Modification How Too's part 2

Eibach Sportline install (front)

Eibach Sportline install (Rears)

Tools that are needed...for the installation.
Jack-prefferably 2 of them.
Spring compressor's
Wrench- 18MM
Wrench & Sockets- 17MM, 14MM, 12MM
I think I have everything...But make sure you have a bunch of sockets in case I missed a few...
As always click on picture for larger view...
Total install time for me was about 2 1/2 hours and thats using an air compressor and air tools so time might be a bit longer if you are using traditional hand tools..
And I can't stress enough please take your time and be carefull and safe.....

Front strut tower bolts...
1.Jack up car.
2.Take wheel off.
3.Put another jack under the Lower Control arm,,to prevent assembly from falling down.
4.Using a 12MM socket remove the 3 smaller bolts.

Compressors on the spring.....
5.Next using a screwdriver and hammer take the clip off that is holding the brake line thats connected to the strut assembly.
6.Remove the 2 bottom bolts using the 18MM wrench and 17MM socket.
7.Wiggle the strut assembly to pull it loose from the top(but be careful while wiggling not to pierce the CV Joint boot or tear the brake lines).

Front strut assembly apart..
8.Once you have the strut out put the spring commpressors on until the spring becomes loose and you can wiggle it.(this step is extrememly important to prevent injury).
9.Take strut assembly over to a vice and and slide the top of the strut(the triangular part)and un-loosen the bolt in the middle of the thriangular part at the top of the assembly that's in the vice..You can see the middle bolt that I'm talking about by viewing the strut towers bolts picture above.The vice is important cause it'll hold the triangular part at the top of the strut assembly from spinning while you loosen that middle bolt....
10.Once you have that bolt off off the top of the Strut you can take the compressors off the stock shock....
11.Put the compressors onto the Eibach's and tighten down until you have enough room to reassemble everything...
12.Now just reverse the proceedure and repeat these steps on the other front wheel....

Front spring comparison.
Notice the it is a bit shorter and the springs are compressed together alot more that the stock OEM springs.

Front shock installed.
Here's a picture of what the Eibach's look like after the installation is completed and placed on the car......

Spring compressors
Here is just a picture of the spring compressors that I figured I'd throw up so you can see what they look like....You can either rent them for a couple of bucks from any place that rents tools or you can goto like Sears or any other kind of place that sells tools and buy them for -20 bucks....

Eibach Sportline's
Here's the picture of the Eibach Sportlines as they come in the box..
Also if you need to know the part number it is 4.5563 and if you need further info you can check out Eibach's web-site out at www.Eibach.com
And the springs will be listed under a 2001 Nissan Sentra,,and they fit both 2000 and 2001 Sentra's...

Please go to the rear spring assembly to get instructions for the installation of the rears....