Eibach Sportlines Installation (Rears)
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Eibach Sportline install (front)

Eibach Sportline install (Rears)

Eibach springs
Here is the installation process for the rear sropped springs....always remember to click on photo to enlarge it so you can get a better view of what your looking at.And if you have any questions what so ever or even if you don't understand something please feel free to e-mail me at EWAL386583@aol.com or if you have AOL IM's then you can contact me at AOL im EWAL386583....

But on another note the raer assembly is lot easier than the front installation was...It took me longer to take the wheels off then to change the springs.It's a very simple and easy process....

This is an image of the stock strut and spring assembly on the car...
1.Jack up rear end car..
2.Put second jack under the rear axle to hold it up for support.
3.At the top of this picture you can see where the strut is bolted on to the body of the car....
Stock springs out and compressed..
4.Using a 17MM socket unloosen the bottom bolt...
5.Then you can unloosen the 2 top bolts using a 14MM socket.
6.Then you put the Spring compressors on and tighten them down until the can be wiggled around....Like picture shown here..The picture is showing the Eibach spring but you get the picture...
Rear strut apart.
7.Once the rear strut is off the car and compressed you can then remove the bolt on the top of the strut and take out the stock spring and take the compressors off..
8.Then you compress the Eibach's and revearse the whole proceedure.
and move on to the other side following these same instructions..
Rear Eibach's on.
Here is a picture of what the Rear Eibach Sportlines look like on the strut prior to installing them back on the car...
Rear strut with Eibach on.
Here is a picture of the Eibach's on and bolted back on to the car...
Stock vs. Sportlines
Here is a side-by-side shot of the Stock springs and the Eibach Sportlines..You can see the difference in the coils.
Finished product
Here is a picture of my car with the Eibach Sportlines installed.Installation like I have said took me about 3 Hours to perform.But it's worth the work and money I saved by putting them on myself,and it's also a great learning experience..
I hope you have the same great results.
Also you can check out my B15 photo page to get a before after look at my car with the stock springs and also with the Eibach Sportlines on...Thanks for viewing my installation.

Now go out and enjoy yours.......