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Eibach Sportline install (front)

Eibach Sportline install (Rears)

Here you'll find info about all my install's
On this page I have listed some instructional information on the installs of the current modifications that I have on my car now...but for any futher information or questions you may need to ask me please feel free to e-mail me with your further questions...

Tools Needed
1.Flathead screwdriver
2.Hot glue gun
3.Wire snips(cutting the Gutter Guard)
  Custom Grille
it's really easy i'll try to do it in steps...
1.take of the black clips,,,,now if you look at the clips you'll see they are 2 parts lift the round top part up on all of them.....
2.take the grille out lay it on a cloth..
3.unscrew all the screws on the inside on the black part detaching it from the chrome piece...'ll see little tabs throughout the bottom of that chrome piece you need to remove them for a cleaner fit....I used a dremel to shave them down,,but if you don't have a dremel then you can probably use a utility knife to cut them down,,,but use caution...
5.once that's all done lay out a piece of the gutter guard(i doubled mine up for a better look)and place it over the chrome piece...... if you look at that chrome piece on the inside you'll see it has a nicely place little ditch and that makes it awesome for the'll see what i mean when you have it apart...
7..get a hot glue gun ready and a flat head screwdriver.....
8.when the glue gun is hot take the gutter guard and push it into that little ditch i was telling you about and press a small amount in at a time and each littlesection that you do you apply the hot glue to that section...
9..just keep going all around the whole piece until it's done.....

11.The Gutter Guard is aluminum so it might be a good idea to spray it down with clear coat to lengthen the life of it..

Stillen Front Spoiler.
This is the method I used for the painting of the spoilers.
***Note before spraying these you should always test fit it on the car first to ensure they fit properly.***
1.Spray them down with a good coat of sandable primer and let dry.
2.Prep the surface of the spoilers with spot putty if needed(mine didn't)
3.Wet sand to get the finish nice and smooth and spray once more with the primer and let dry for a few hours(at least).
4.Spray the spoilers down with your paint(I used color matched),and let them dry good.
5.Apply a second coat and again let them dry.
6.Spray them down with your clearcoat.let dry
7.Apply second coat of the clearcoat.
Allow plenty of drying time for the spoilers before doing the install.

Installing the front spoilers to the car.
1.Use some denatured alcohol to clean the area the spoilers will fit to remove all the wax's and what not.
2.Apply a bead of the adhesive to the inside of the spoiler pieces at the contact points and firmly press the spoiler onto the car.Have a couple of clamps ready to help with the fitting process and to hold in place overnight.
3.Repeat on the opposite side.
4.Leave clamped overnight to dry and you should be all set.


Stromung Cat-Back Exhaust install instructions
Dissconect the negative battery terminal.Just for safety...
Jack up the car and put it on some jackstands or put it up on ramps..
Spray down all the nuts with the WD-40 or other lubricating agent to help free them up,also I recommened spraying down all the rubber hangers on the muffler as well to help pulling them off...
Get a jack and place it under the converter to hold it up cause once the stock mid-pipe and muffler is dissconected it will be just hanging down and it'll putt alot of uneccassary stress on it's hangers..
loosen all the bolts and take of either the muffler or the mid-pipe which ever you decide you want to do first I did the muffler...But when undoing the muffler make sure you take notice of the wire that is connected to it,,,I'm not sure what it's purpose id but just be carefull...
I f you decide to take the mid-pipe off first the you'll notice a metal bracket going accross the pipe,,,you'll need to loosen one side of it and swing it out of the way(it's a bracket to help hold the pipe up)and loosen the bolts at the converter and at the muffler and drop down your pipe....
For taking the muffler off I suggest that you have a friend helping you hold this while you loosen it from the rubber hangers it can get pretty heavy.....
Now to throw the System up you just do the opposite of the instructions and you'll be all set....

The Stromung pipe is bigger than the stock pipe so you'll notice it might take some wiggling and twisting and turning to get the pipe over the axle but it fits well....
Don't forget to put that wire back on the muffler...
Use some lock tite on the bolts...Just a suggestion but not needed.
Sart the car up and enjoy the sound of it and the looks...

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Stillen Front Spoiler-- Tools Needed
2.Spot Putty
3.Colormatched Paint
5.Tube of Windsheild Adhesive
6.Couple of small clamps
7.Denatured Alcohol

Stromung Cat-Back-tools needed
I will have pictures of the Exhaust installed on car very soon...

Sockets-various sizes
Wd-40 or another kind of lubrication agent.
A friend